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Manyface is your virtual assistant helping you promote your business through your web and mobile applications, providing you virtual live assistance through a phone call, providing you expert advice in career specific domains with the expert knowledge. Whether you are a restaurant owner trying to incorporate a friendly and modern interactivity your customers, or you want to create an emergency prescription for your patients through the live chat with the virtual doctor, PA to the expert doctor, Manyface can serve you.

Our aim is to provide the virtual duo of experts from whom people can take consultancy anytime.Some of our objectives include serving the users through mobile applications and business promotion through web applications.



Imagine your whole social media is being managed through a single prompt (audio/video). People in this digital world needs their digital presence. For that, they use different applications like Youtube, Spotify, Notion, Slack, etc. These all handy applications make the global communications quite easier. But it would be difficult for a user to understand and manage all these applications separately. APIAgent is here to automate the usage of these applications. Users only have to put their query that i want to do my xyz task on xyz application. And yes, the job is done. For example, book a meeting with Alex on Google Calendar on 26th of January. The APIAgent handles the rest. There are much more applications of it.

One other application includes automating the CLI commands. Imagine writing "I want to create a folder named "test" in my Local Drive C of my System", instead of educating a user to learn a command ("mkdir test (learn to provide complete path) etc."). It would be handy to solve tricky CLI operations with simple natural language inputs.

Unlevered Kaitlyn AI

This project is complete end-to-end product, based on using AI such as LLMs[insert full form], GPT-4 powered agents, and chatbots to automate Financial Modelling and Startups evaluation to help investors in investments.


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Many Faces (Video Generation Discord Bot)

In the initial stage of the Many Faces model, the provided text input undergoes voice cloning to execute a text-to-speech mechanism, resulting in the generation of an audio file. Subsequently, the next phase utilizes both the generated audio file and the selected Avatar. This phase involves performing lip synchronization, ultimately producing a video where the lip movements are synchronized with the audio corresponding to the input text. The API responds with the final output video in the server.



The user initiates process by "/generate" command and selects preferred language gender, origin, from a list within the chat box. Following this, the user inputs the desired string content.

Building LAM (Large Action Models)

Description: Utilizing RL [reinforcement learning] to automate software products. using Technologies: Rest APIs. (RL, RLHF)